Five Year Non-Disclosure Agreement

I acknowledge that during the course of my interaction with TAS Marketing, Inc., (or any future companies to be listed by TAS Marketing), I will have access to, and have acquired knowledge of, confidential information of TAS Marketing’s listed Answering Service(s), Call Centers, Alarm Monitoring, or Voice Mail Companies. I agree to preserve as confidential the names of any individuals or legal entities engaged in any trade or business introduced by any of the named signatories or their associates. Such identity shall remain confidential, except that it may be disclosed to my accountants, legal and financial advisors and employees who have a need to know of such information during the applicable transaction(s) and during the duration of this agreement, and shall include any telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses et. al.

I also agree to preserve as confidential all trade secrets, information, ideas, data and knowledge relating to TAS Marketing’s listing(s) including, without limitation, financial information,  products (both current and planned), processes, know-how, designs, specifications, research, efficiencies and capabilities of operation, customer lists, agency agreements, business and marketing plans, TAS Marketing’s contractual relations with third parties, and other business information. Such information is limited to that which is not generally known in the industry and I understand and agree that TAS Marketing is furnishing me such material and information in reliance upon my agreeing to keep the information and material confidential. In particular, I acknowledge and agree to keep confidential any and all information received by me from TAS Marketing regarding the sale of any or all of its listings. I will disclose such information only upon the written permission of TAS Marketing and its listed businesses, and only in the manner and to the extent such permission is granted. Not-with-standing the foregoing, if the confidential information should be subpoenaed by any Court of Law or similar jurisdiction, then I will disclose any and all information according to such subpoena.

Essentially, the spirit behind this agreement is one of mutual trust and confidence, and of the reliance on each other to do what is fair and equitable. Not-with-standing the termination of the relationship between the undersigned and TAS Marketing, I acknowledge and agree this confidentiality agreement shall survive the termination of the relationship.

The information and nature of this transaction is strictly confidential and should not be discussed or disclosed with the employees of Seller. Any and all correspondence should be done through the Broker of TAS Marketing, Inc., unless expressly authorized by Broker to contact Seller directly.