About Us

What is one of your most valuable selling points when signing up a new customer to your telephone answering service? The Personal Touch!

Who doesn’t like knowing that they are special and are receiving a personalized service – like no other? Your customer is not a cog in the wheel but a real person who deserves personalized service. And that in a nutshell is what Steve & Chris Michaels offer to those individuals who elect to sell their service through TAS Marketing.

“Most of my clients have never sold a business before,” says Steve. “I understand – and am there for them no matter what the questions are. This Hand-Holding approach has been very successful for Steve and Chris having sold over 478 businesses since 1979.

The personal touch of TAS Marketing includes offering a non-compete/solicit/disclosure agreement drafted by their attorney to any potential service owner who does not have one in place from their agents. They also will value your company providing you with a listing sheet along with a financial package so that prospective buyers can make a quick decision as Steve has sold businesses in a matter of days. All closing documents (i.e. purchase agreement) are also provided. Currently it is a Seller’s market.

TAS Marketing also brings the appropriate buyer to the table. Through the many years as owning and operating his own answering service in Palo Alto, CA, the Connections magazine as well as attending trade shows, Steve has met most of the people in the industry and has a keen eye for matching buyer with seller so there is a smooth transition when the new owner takes over.

When buying or selling, Steve and Chris Michaels provide a professional, friendly partnership to answer all of your questions and get the most for your business because – your customers like that personal touch… and so do you!

Steve, Chris & Libby