Yearly Historical Data – 2012

TAS Marketing Sales for 2012

D = Disaster

X = Extreme

StateAll or Accts Only# AcctsMo. BillingSale PriceMultiple
NCAccounts Only140$18,100 $195K10.6
NVAll100$52,000 $600K11.5
FLAll500$108,600 $1.6M14.7
HAccts Only115$17,000 $161,500 9.5
MAAccts Only196$27,900 $300K10.7
ILAll227$44,250 $520K11.75
NMAccts Only190$41,000 $326,500 7.9 - D
VAAccts Only66$18,000 $216k12
AZAll850$193K$5M25.9 - X
SCAll115$42,400 $550K12.9
PAAll675$108K$1,250,000 11.5
PAAccts Only140$13,600 $149K10.9
TXAccts Only182$32,700 $420K12.8
NYAll440$117,000 $1,725,000 14.7

Average Multiple for Accounts Only (Distress sale not counted) = 11.1.

High multiple = 12.8. Low multiple = 9.5

Average Multiple for Entire Going Concern (All) (Extreme sale not counted) = 12.8.

High multiple = 14.7. Low multiple = 11.5

These figures are calculated from the sale of telephone answering services sold by TAS Marketing only. This does not account for the many private sales in the industry.