Yearly Historical Data – 2011

TAS Marketing Sales for 2011


StateAll or Accts Only# AcctsMo. BillingSale PriceMultiple
MSAccounts Only175$35,000 $385K11
MTAccts Only252$36,300 $399K11
CAAccts Only140$32,000 $343K10.7
FLAll192$36,200 $420K11.6
MSAccts Only425$86,200 $995K11.5
CAAll146$22,000 $272K12.3
CTAll130$27,800 $405K14.5
NYAll88$37,200 $465K12.5
NYAccts Only215$55,100 $600K10.9
FLAll212$28,400 $362K12.7
ILAccts Only120$31,300 $348K11.1
FLAll64$19,000 $238K12.5

Average Multiple for Accounts Only = 11.03. High multiple = 11.5. Low multiple = 10.9

Average Multiple for Entire Going Concern (All) = 12.68. High multiple = 14.5. Low multiple = 11.6

These figures are calculated from the sale of telephone answering services sold by TAS Marketing only. This does not account for the many private sales in the industry.