Yearly Historical Data – 2015

TAS Marketing Sales for 2015

C = Cash

T = Terms

F = Fullfillment

StateAll or Acct# AcctsMo BillingSale PriceMultiple
PAAccounts73$13,400 $140K10.4-T
TXAll524$46,300 $538,500K11.6-T
ILAll350$54,100 $710K13.1-T
TXAll247$39,500 $535K13.5-C
OKAccts350$33,000 $360K10.9-C
NVAccts137$43,600 $450K10.3-C
NHAll236$52,900 $575K10.8-C
NJAll267$46,400 $598K12.5-C
CAAll190$31,900 $400K12.5-C

Average Multiple for Accounts Only = 11.7.  High multiple = 14. Low multiple = 10.3

Average Multiple for Entire Going Concern (All) = 12.5. High multiple = 18.5 Low multiple = 8.4 (Average doesn’t include 8.4 low nor 18.5 high)

These figures are calculated from the sale of telephone answering services sold by TAS Marketing only. This does not account for the many private sales in the industry. Multiples vary depending oupon the profit margin of the business.