Yearly Historical Data – 2014

TAS Marketing Sales for 2014

C = Cash

T = Terms

F = Fullfillment

StateAll or Acct Only# AcctsMo. BillingSale PriceMultiple
TXAccts153$21,300 $92K4.3-D
ILAll308$35,100 $495K14.1-C
NJAll240$69,000 $980,400 14.2-T
NDAccts235$35,300 $395K11.2-C
CAAccts100$16,250 $162,500 10-C
TNAll500$104,700 $1.560M14.9-T
CAAll360$57,500 $585K10.2-C
NYAll262$22,250 $287K12.9-C
MIAll120$24,700 $211K8.6-T-C
WVPartial Accts28$6K$70K11.5-C
PAAll140$38,540 $495K12.84-T

Average Multiple for Accounts Only = 12.6.  High multiple = 13.2. Low multiple = 12

Average Multiple for Entire Going Concern (All) (Fulfillment sale not counted) = 14.2.

High multiple = 18 with Terms. Low multiple = 11.5

These figures are calculated from the sale of telephone answering services sold by TAS Marketing only. This does not account for the many private sales in the industry.