Get Into The TAS Business

Ever thought about getting into the telephone answering service business but didn’t know how or where to start? You may have questions like: where do I buy TAS equipment – and how much is it? How do I set up phone lines – and where? How do I get my first customers? And most of all, how do I staff my new service 24/7 when I don’t have any customers to support the ongoing cost of a running business?

Your Problems Are Over – TAS Marketing will get you started – provide you with the appropriate Affiliate that has the equipment and phone numbers, will answer all the calls and even do your billing. All you have to do is get the customers and they’ll do the rest… and the best part! You own the customers and will receive a monthly check – for the life of the accounts!


We offer two Programs:

Premier Service:

Start-up fee $1,000.00. This will get you your own business telephone number to advertise your business and a separate section (node) of their computer for your accounts. Once you are setup – they will answer with your company name, take inquiry calls, sell and even sign them up. All you have to do is give us your company name – start your own website – start advertising and tell them how you want to charge your customers and start marketing. At any point, you can take over your accounts and start answering them yourself – at a reduced rate.

Monthly Cost: Half of client base rate, plus $0.79 per operator minute.

Platinum Service:

Start-up fee $2,500.00. This will get you all you need to start answering your own calls from scratch offering you the latest in computer technology while being totally HIPAA compliant. They will host your accounts on a Pinnacle system, provide you with telco lines along with all the whistles and bells including voice logging, texting, fax service, alpha paging, etc. You only have to provide the PC’s and high speed internet service and they will push all of your call traffic to wherever you want. They can even provide overflow traffic should your agents become busy.

Monthly Cost: $350.00 per operator position, plus $0.23 per minute line charge.