Why Choose TAS?

Mr. Steve Michaels has been in the Teleservices Industry since 1979. In that time, he has done the following:

  • Published over 200 articles for the Answering Service industry
  • Worked for 4 major Telephone Answering Service/Voice Mail companies
  • Owned and operated his own Telephone Answering Service in Palo Alto, CA.
  • Organized and served on the Board of Directors for the “Association of TeleMessaging Suppliers”
  • Sold used Answering Service and Voice Mail equipment
  • Spoken at industry-related conventions & trade shows
  • Manufacturer of TAS related equipment
  • TAS consultant for equipment and business acquisitions
  • Sold over 450 or $110 million dollars worth of Answering Service, Voice Mail and Call Center companies worldwide
  • Founder of “Connections Magazine”, the only industry trade publication

A Partnership Approach

TAS Marketing’s business is to keep abreast of market conditions affecting the industry. Before seeking solutions for your business needs, it is vitally important that we carefully define your objective in selling your service – whether you want to keep the staff and sell your business as a going concern or sell the accounts only.

Therefore, Mr. Michaels likes to confer with his clients to discuss their likes, dislikes, and the desired outcome of their transaction before recommending how to proceed. This counseling approach allows him to work as partners to achieve results whether buying or selling. His goal is to help you reach your objectives; not to sell you on doing what benefits him or his company.


Why TAS Marketing is Able to Achieve Results Where Others Fail?

  • We Sell Only Telephone Answering, Voice Mail, Call Center Companies. Serving this niche industry allows them to focus 100% of their efforts upon doing what they do best.
  • We Accept Only Saleable Listings. There is no point in wasting your time or mine trying to accomplish the unlikely or impossible. Consequently if the team of TAS Marketing accepts your listing, the only tasks remaining are those, which should lead us to a successfully closed transaction.
  • We Work With Motivated Buyers. Before agreeing to work with prospective buyers, we pre-determine if they are motivated, able to decide and have the financial resources to make the acquisition.
  • Knowledgeable About the Industry. Steve & Christine Michaels have owned and operated their own service as well as consulted, published an industry wide magazine and sold telecom equipment and businesses since 1979, which has given them a definite advantage in evaluating and selling a business.
  • Knowing How To Get The Job Done. TAS Marketing is well known in the industry with a solid reputation. Visiting and selling to Telephone Answering Services throughout every state has made it easier to connect with the decision maker getting you fast results.
  • We are pro-active by attending trade shows and are members of ATSI, NAEO, PIN and SNUG.