Attention Sellers

If you’ve ever thought about selling your Telephone Answering Service, Call Center or Voice Mail Company, you know how difficult it is. Where do you find a bona fide valuation? Where are the QUALIFIED buyers who will pay CASH? How can you keep your search CONFIDENTIAL when you advertise locally? All of these concerns will not help you sell your business; in fact, it will detract you from doing what you do best… and that is to run your company.

At TAS Marketing, with over $110 Million in sales, we’ve been finding the right buyer for business owners just like you for over 35 years. Here’s how:



The first step is to put a price tag on your business. We do this by using three-time tested formulas that CPA’s and attorney have accepted throughout the industry. With over 450 businesses sold, Steve Michaels, owner and business broker for TAS Marketing will personally evaluate your business. Mr. Michaels has served the industry since 1979 as a consultant, broker, and owner of his own service. He and his staff will help you through this step, as well as putting a financial package together for prospective buyers.


We sometimes advertise business listings (CONFIDENTIALLY) in the publication that CASH buyers read — The Wall Street Journal. We also advertise our listings on our own newsletter, “TAS Tips” which is distributed within a matter of minutes to every answering service in America. Many buyers shop the Internet. We thus have our own web-site ( that is upgraded weekly with our latest listings. We submit our web info monthly enabling us to be in the top ten of most search engines. National exposure!


Many buyers are just lookers who want to kick the tires and waste your time. At TAS Marketing, we screen out the buyers who aren’t good risks or haven’t the sufficient financial resources necessary to make an acquisition. With a combined effort, your prospects come to you prepared with the information necessary to make a quick buying decision.

Give us a call at 1-800-369-6126 and ask for Steve, the broker. He will explain our program and terms in more detail, and help you get TOP DOLLAR when you are ready to sell your business. Let us do what we do best, Sell!