About Us

Steve Michaels

Steve Michaels ~ was born & raised in Burlington, Vermont. Mr. Michaels is first and foremost an entrepreneur having started over 12 successful businesses. Steve has been a business broker and an integral part of the telephone answering service industry since 1979, selling over 450+ answering services, voice mail and call center companies worldwide. He has been a member of the International Business Brokers Association, the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, and the charter president of Toastmasters. He has served on the board of directors for the “Association of Telemessaging Suppliers” as the spearhead for several trade expos for the TAS industry.Mr. Michaels owned his own telephone answering service in Palo Alto, California and was the founder and publisher of the Connections Magazine. He has personally published over 200 TAS related articles including a monthly segment called “Mind Your Business” which was featured in Connections Magazine. He also e-mails a highly regarded newsletter called “TAS Tips” to over 1500 businesses. Steve has been a speaker for this industry and has worked for 4 major TAS/Voice mail companies including a manufacturing company, which he helped to take public.

Mr. Michaels is also the publisher of two books which has made him a sought-after media consultant; including being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox News nationwide regarding the controversial Terri Schiavo “Right to Die” case. His latest “Bucket List” project was the building of a Hobbit House as an enchanted private lodging facility on his property which can be viewed at www.theShireofMontana.com. Because of the uniqueness of this endeavor, he has been featured on MTV’s Extreme Cribs, HGTV and written about in the New York Times.

He is a photographer, hypnotherapist and alpaca rancher who lives in the mountains of Montana with his wife Christine, where he conducts his different businesses and carries on the many pursuits that intrigue and beguile him.

Christine Michaels

Vice President
Ms. Michaels has a master’s degree in psychology with under-graduate work in art and business. Her past work experience includes banking, medical sales and management. Ms. Michaels co-owned and ran a telephone answering service in Palo Alto, California. Ms. Michaels, her husband Steve and other industry vendors, formed the first vendors association named ATMS which featured Dr. Norman Vincent Peale as its key-note presenter in its first convention.  She was the editor of Connections Magazine for 9 years and has been VP of sales for TAS Marketing since 1984. She currently assists buyers and sellers with all contractual agreements needed to successfully close the sale and purchase of a telecommunications company. Other than her background in business, she is an herb and organic gardening enthusiast, spins wool from her alpacas and is learning to raise honey-bees.