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We are dedicated to applying sound business principles and creative sales techniques to help facilitate the “Merger & Acquisition” process for our telephone answering service clients. To this end we commit to listen effectively, provide meticulous legal documentation, and achieve the highest possible price for the sale of any listed business for our clients. We further commit to provide our TAS customer base with new technological ideas and products and to educate these business owners through our proprietary emailed newsletter… “TAS Tips”.



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A word from our broker – Steve Michaels


Here’s what people are saying about Steve Michaels and his team at TAS Marketing:

Featured Articles
Dee HawkinsDee HawkinsA Better Answer Call Centers
TAS Marketing sold a remote office for me and they were very professional to work with. They were excellent in appraising my office for the highest value and sold it quickly. The sale was handled smoothly and I was very happy with the sale and the purchaser. Steve & Chris really did a nice job for me. I would use him again for any other sales or acquisitions. Really terrific website... so informational and well done. Easy to get around and chuck full of info. You’re the only one I’d ever use!
Gard McLeanGard McLeanFinger Lakes Business Services
I appreciate dealing with Steve.  He is the ultimate professional -- knows that each deal requires a different level of his involvement and tailors his approach accordingly.
Stan GardnerStan GardnerPersonalized Communications
Having purchased several companies through TAS Marketing, I can say that in each one Steve and Chris made sure all the details were taken care of.  Steve’s experience in the TAS industry sets him apart in knowledge of current market conditions.
Grant SibleyGrant SibleyMAP Communications
We have been acquiring answering services through Steve Michaels and TAS Marketing for over 15 years. We have found them to be a valuable asset both to MAP as a buyer as well as to the sellers they represent. The proverbial win-win!
Peter GrossPeter GrossSunshine Communications
We did an acquisition using the services of Steve & Chris Michaels. They were instrumental in holding the escrowed funds until I was completely satisfied that the transaction had met the requirements of the purchase agreement. I would highly recommend TAS Marketing to attend to the fine details... even after the contract was signed.
Raymond L. BaggarlyRaymond L. BaggarlyAnswering-Metro Atlanta
I have worked with Steve & Chris Michaels on several occasions and in one particular case, I was purchasing a competitor and while I had a cordial relationship, it was awkward to try to negotiate certain terms of the deal face-to-face. Steve’s expertise was crucial in handling these sensitive issues during the negotiations.